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"Fish Talk"
She tried to explain how
very important it was
to be quiet when the
baby was sleeping.
15" X 30"


"The Tea Party"
It was always nice
to have unexpected
visitors drop by for tea.




"The Girl in the Hoodie"
For protection from
unforeseen dangers,
she always brought her
pet wolfish along
when she went to visit
her grandmother.
24" X 18"


"Trip to Grandma's" or  "Safety in Numbers"
The trip to grandma's house
was much more pleasant
when she brought along
her friends.
24" X 18"


"The Bubble Maker"
Teaching him to blow bubbles was harder than she thought it would be.
16" X 20"


"The School"
She soon realized that
this wasn't the school
for her.
20" X 16"


"Fish Tickle"
Since she giggled when her
belly was tickled, she thought
that he might also.
12" X 10"


Timid and shy, she
was flattered by the
extra attention.


"Whisker Burn"
Even though she loved a
manly mustache,
this was too much.

"golden dreams Too"


"Golden Dreams" or
"Go with the Flow"

Anadyomene loved, more than anything else, to dream.
In her dreams she would flirt  with her many courtiers, Botticelli, Apelles, Titian, and Cananel to name a few.
Completely infatuated with her stunning beauty, sleek body, the way she would slip through the water as though she were born to it, they would render her in oil and pigment, but never quite capture the true Venus.
But how could they know?
One day she awoke from her dreams, with a graceful twist of her fins, she slipped off into the cool waters, the sun gleaming on her golden skin.
(written by Anthony Jillette for "Golden Dreams")
30" X 15"


"Ocean Jewels"
The Sea was full of many interesting things to explore. Each one as precious
as a shiny jewel.
40" X 34"


A short visit to the surface created a spectacular display.

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